Trends in Hardwood Gloss: Less is More
Jun 21, 2017

Options in flooring are more varied today than they’ve ever been. Flooring lines offer different choices in size, composition, installation, color, and design, among other areas. More options mean more customization, and more customization means higher rates of customer satisfaction. These options are exciting; most of them see a trend in their popularity at some point, with consumers tending towards those options that best suit their needs.

Experts have noticed a trend in hardwood flooring gloss in recent years. According to an article published online in Floor Covering Weekly, hardwood flooring with matte finishing is becoming more and more popular with various sellers. Dan Natkin, vice president of a hardwood and laminate flooring company based out of New Jersey, believes the finishes are becoming more popular because of their natural look.

“We’re seeing lower gloss levels with enhanced performance characteristics such as scratch resistance and cleanability,” says Natkin. “They’re definitely getting some attention in the marketplace.” Many products offer such protection, including those carried by Mercier.

The director of marketing at Mercier, Michel Collin, said that trends in the market play a large role in the development of new products. “Right now, depending on the territory we have a mix of offerings,” Collin said. “Nothing is better than semi-gloss to enhance the depth of the stain. And we have the perfect mix of matte gloss with texture products for the people who are looking for a low-maintenance product.”

Gloss options for Mercier’s products embody this commitment to customer preference. The company’s catalog offers a diverse range of products that can be fine-tuned to the customer’s demands for gloss, color, hardwood species, and construction. Whereas other manufacturers forfeit customer satisfaction for ease of production, Mercier puts the power into customer’s hands with their versatile Design+ Program.

A picture of two woods compared to one another

Two species of wood available from Mercier: Red Oak and Hard Maple, on the left and right respectively.

For example, Mercier’s Red Oak, although a single species of wood, yields an exponential number of variants. Available in 19 stunning stains (and natural!), Mercier’s Design+ program has made it possible to personalize Red Oak to the customer’s expectations. Not to mention its four different glosses: matte wire brushed, matte (of course), satin, and—the highest gloss—semi-gloss. Maple, too, offers such options when ordering Design+ product. Moreover, customers can select the construction of either one of these products. The 1/2″ engineered construction allows for wider boards whereas the 3/4″ solid construction provides higher grade options. Best of all, anyone can check out the program for themselves.

Other brands offer a variety of different matte options for wood flooring, too. For example, Homecrest and its Terrace Oak line contain a number of differently colored hardwood solutions. Terrace Oak comes in 3/8″ x 5″ wire brushed European oak and sports a low gloss matte finish, just like the ones that are trending. Just like many other Homecrest lines, the floorings from this line are finished with UV Cured Aluminum Oxide Matte. With glue, nail, staple, and float installation available, finding the perfect flooring solution has never been so easy. High fashion, high value—that’s what Homecrest is all about.

Terrace Oak, Downing. 38” x 5″ wire brushed European Oak with matte finish.

It can be frustrating when the options available for purchase are limited. If you’re in the market for an exciting product like hardwood with an edgy, low matte finish, a narrow selection is the last thing you want to see. Such attention to detail in the customization of orders is to be expected from manufacturers like Mercier and Homecrest, whose array of products make for total control of each purchase. They offer the sort of variety that eliminates the possibility of dissatisfaction. We at Bishop have the expertise, tools, and resources to help retailers along the way. As other trends begin to emerge in the flooring industry, our manufacturers will only continue to increase that variety, ensuring the continued satisfaction of customers.

Products like Mercier, Homecrest, and other great brands can be purchased at Bishop 24/7.