Tarkett Main Street Carpet Tile Overview
Jun 03, 2015

Tarkett’s Main Street Carpet Tile is part of an integrated system of flooring solutions that coordinates across product lines. Each color offered in Impetus, Kinesis or Momentum coordinates with at least one color in each of the other styles, as well as with the Johnsonite Finishing Borders (wall base) and Finishing Accessories. Tarkett modular carpet tile provides a professional look that is easy to install and maintain.

Benefits of Carpet Tile:

  • Easy installation. Carpet tiles come in a manageable size, which means it does not require more than one person to carry and lay-out the carpet.
  • Easy cleaning, maintenance & replacement. Carpet tiles come in sections that make them easy to clean, maintain or replace, if needed.
  • Carpet tiles are quite durable and can withstand the wear and tear caused by floor traffic.

Download the Main Street Product Guide and Spec Sheet here.

Solution dyed vs yarn dye –  Yes, these are vegetables, but let’s put away the ranch dressing for a moment and pretend it’s a carpet fiber. The first image shows how the cross section of a solution dyed yarn looks under a microscope. The color is added at the extrusion stage, coloring the yarn to its core. The second image is shows a topically applied yarn dye, here the yarn is soaked in dye after extrusion penetrating only the outer layers.

Momentum and Kinesis are 100% solution dyed products for very rich color and durability; the color cannot be rubbed off. Impetus is a 65% solution dyed, 35% yarn dyed product. The 35% yarn dye offers more flexibility in production.
The Main Street Program uses a Nylon 6 yarn

  • Priced more competitively due to smaller lot sizes
  • Looser molecular structure affords a deep rich color

In commercial carpet, gauge and pile height are crucial to the performance of the product. Main Street carpet tile is a 1/13 gauge meaning there are 13 needles stitching per inch across the width of the product. Pile height is the vertical measurement from the top of the primary backing to the top of the face of the yarn. Main Street takes advantage of a short pile height meaning less crush and better commercial wear. Hallways and other high traffic areas will be much less susceptible to wear patterns that develop when the face yarn is crushed over time.


  • 1/13 gauge
  • 10 stitches per inch
  • 0.187″ pile height


  • 1/13 gauge
  • 11 stitches per inch
  • 0.187″ pile height


  • 1/13 gauge
  • 9.8 stitches per inch
  • 0.117″ pile height

Main Street takes advantage of the unique ethos backing system, a high performance backing material. The primary component of the backing is PVB which is recycled from car windshields and other types of safety glass. It’s what keeps broken windshield glass in one piece instead of shattering. This abundant waste material does not contain PVC, chlorine, phthalates, antimicrobials, formaldehyde, coal ash or halogenated flame retardant. All Tarkett carpet tile products are Green Label Plus Certified. Other ethos Backing System features:

  • Non-prorated Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Polyvinyl Butyral or PVB
  • Overall recycled content is 26%-52%
  • NSF-140 Platinum Level
  • 20% min post consumer content
  • 100% Recyclable

Two installation options are available for Main Street:

  • C-EX Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for clean, new concrete installations with no primer required
  • Tarkett tape for a free floating system, no adhesive needed

Main Street Carpet Tile is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty that protects against:

  • Excessive surface wear
  • Edge ravel
  • Zippering
  • Resiliency loss of backing
  • Delamination

Ask your Bishop Territory Manager about the Main Street Carpet Tile Program from Tarkett for your next commercial project!