Homecrest DNS Carpet Installation at Turtle Creek Casino
Nov 14, 2016

Bourbon’s 72 is a premier steakhouse inside of Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. This restaurant was newly renovated in 2016 including the installation of this designer carpet in the spacious dining room. The carpet is Homecrest Distinctive Nylon Series, Lacey 1029D, a 40oz, looped 6,6 nylon in a ‘house’ pattern and color combination. Homecrest DNS offers 57 of these beautiful visuals with an unmatched turnaround and no minimum order.

Everyone involved with this project was both confident in the product and amazed with the final result. The designer commented, “This is a fantastic installation with amazing visuals and design elements, we’re really proud of it!”.

A special Bishop thank you to everyone involved in this project, you all made it happen!

  • Andy La Pointe Senior Construction Manager – Owner Representative of Turtle Creek Casino
  • Interphase Designers – Keely Eagle Trombly Branch Manager & Megan Blackmer Designer
  • Bouma Corporation of Traverse City – Jeff Johnson, General Contractor Manager