Happy 1st Birthday, American Concepts
Aug 26, 2015

What do actors Sean Connery and Robert De Niro, football star Tom Brady, investor genius Warren Buffett, and the incomparable singer Tony Bennett all have in common with American Concepts Laminate Flooring? All were born in August!

That’s right, American Concepts laminate flooring was delivered just one year ago, so Happy Birthday to us!

American Concepts was created with a singular vision. It’s not just about being “Made in America.” We wanted to provide specialty retailers with the very best:

  • On Trend Colors & Design
  • Value Pricing and Profitability
  • Quality Manufacturing & Technology
  • Craftsmanship
  • Healthier Flooring Option
  • Easiest Floors to Maintain

Thanks to you and our distributor partners, American Concepts has very successfully entered the highly competitive laminate marketplace, and sales have taken off. How can that happen in a market so filled with options like wood, carpet, sheet vinyl, and LVT/WPC? Laminate still offers terrific benefits to consumers, like the most realistic reproduction of real wood looks available across all channels. It’s one of the most durable surfaces available. You can maintain laminate with NO DAMP MOPPING, unlike LVT. And it’s totally sustainable, good for the earth, and made with a wood core, unlike products made from mostly oil (LVT!)

And now that we are here our future is very exciting! Coming to Surfaces in January will be an amazing refresh with new product developments and fashion updates.

If you want to join in the American Concepts revolution, please contact your local distributor or KronotexUSA to get our line in your store today.

Visit us at americanconceptsflooring.com.

Selling Tips

Changes over 20 years in the Laminate business and the opportunity it brings!
Inflation statistics tells us that in 1995 what cost $1.00 now costs $1.56. But laminate flooring prices are a bit different. What was $4.00 per sq. ft. is now closer to $1.00! Based on its tremendous performance features along with great price, laminate flooring represents phenomenal value to consumers.

Direct Pressure laminate flooring quality has skyrocketed. Today the KronotexUSA plant produces 200 million SF per year with a claims ratio for all purposes of .0041. That’s less than 1/2 of 1%. And that means retailers will spend less time with problems.

Single strip bevel products did not exist 20 years ago. They are now the mainstay of the industry. Fashion matters and laminate has improved dramatically.

Textures were flat and ticked in 1995. Today, we have a world of embossed in register, hand scraped, exotic and smooth finishes that boggle the mind. Product realism is fantastic… mimicking the best that nature has to offer.

Back then there was predominately 7MM and 8MM flooring only. Today 10MM and especially 12MM floors are all the rage. Laminate is now quieter and firmer to walk on, plus thicker floors provide a more realistic sound and feel compared to LVT.

Print definition and color variation was basic and muted then. Today, HD printing process and four-color print technology create stunning clarity, color and realism for laminate flooring. Beauty in the home remains the foundation of sales and is still more important than other features like price in the decision.

Ease of maintenance in laminate flooring was always terrific, so that hasn’t changed. There is no need to ever use a damp mop on a laminate floor…unlike LVT. A simple dry Swiffer with a spritz of laminate flooring cleaner is all that’s needed.

What’s the point?
In Red, above, are effective selling points at retail for laminate flooring. Increase your laminate sales using these features and benefits!

Laminate University

Suitable Subfloors
One of the most frequently viewed pages on our website is “What can I install my American Concepts Flooring over?” It’s a good question and one easily answered. Laminate is very versatile and will work over a variety of subfloors…but not all subfloors are suitable. For a terrific article on subfloor do’s and don’ts, visit this link for simple easy answers: