American Concepts Laminate Insights – June
Jun 02, 2015

Industry In An Uproar: Chinese Laminate Fallout & Opportunity

Interesting, isn’t it, that in the 60 Minutes exposé on Chinese laminate how those employees admitted to putting false CARB Phase 2 stickers on flooring. HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN?

If you’re selling Chinese laminate, you have to ask this question: Is my product really safe, and to what extent am I at risk for ALL the Chinese laminate floors I’ve sold in the past?

You need not worry as a distributor or retailer if you sell American Concepts. Why? Our products are low VOC floors and some of the safest of any laminate produced in the world. That’s a true statement. Kronotex Group is among the leading producers of HDF core worldwide of HDF core material. We’ve been CARB Phase 2 certified for many years now. We are also GREENGUARD certified, in fact, another tough standard.

When your customers need the healthiest indoor air and environment in their home, sell them American Concepts laminate flooring. All American Concepts laminate flooring comes to you direct from our factory in Barnwell, SC. American Concepts master craftsmen are THE experts in their trade.

When you sell American Concepts you are selling the best!

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american-concepts-newsletter-6.15.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCHere we grow again in Barnwell, SC.

We are growing. Again. In a multimillion dollar, 50,000 sq. ft. expansion, KronotexUSA (which makes American Concepts laminate flooring) have put in equipment to do our own paper treating and overlay treating.
What is that you ask?
In order for décor paper to bond to the HDF core and for the aluminum oxide overlay and bottom melamine layer to all fuse together, they need to be saturated with melamine resin. In the past our supplier partners did this. By adding this to our plant, we have greater control over quality, just in time production capability, and faster finished product output.
In this image, you can see the aluminum oxide infused overlay (white colored paper) getting ready to go into the treating section of production. At any one time, 15 million square feet of décor paper, overlay, and underlay each are stored to be ready for production. That’s almost a three-week supply.

Click here to see a video of our plant tour.

Seeing is selling with our room visualizer.

Need to show a customer what an American Concepts décor looks like in a room scene? Try this tool that retailers have loved and shared with their customers since we launched American Concepts:

  1. Go to our website
  2. On the left side, under Get Started, you’ll see the icon for our tools
  3. Select from the drop down menu “Room Visualizer”

Now you’ve come to a magical mystery tour of room possibilities. In the upper right corner, click on the Get Started button. Then on the left side you can select from various room types, from kitchens to living rooms to bedrooms.

Then you can select from various different floor styles. You can even help them see a new floor with various wall, trim and ceiling colors at the top. Then finish by saving, printing or sharing the room scene with your customer. Helping customers visualize their new floor will help you earn more sales and make more money!

american-concepts-newsletter-6.15.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCHow is laminate flooring made?

  • The surface is an aluminum oxide particle and melamine resin infused wear surface that creates immense durability and scratch resistance.
  • A décor paper, also infused in melamine resin, gives the floor its color, design and fashion look.
  • A very dense and moisture resistant High Density Fiberboard core (HDF) gives the floor its structure and body.
  • An under surface of melamine-infused paper is used to balance the board.
  • The floor is then fused at high pressure and temperature and fused together and cut into shape.

Click here to see a video of our plant tour.

American Concepts AC4 Retail Salespersons Spiff

NOW through the end of June, retail salespeople have the opportunity to earn cash on each carton sold of American Concepts Sanderlin Mountain and Middlebrooke.

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Sanderlin Mountain

Captures the classic look of woods like oak.

  • Narrow planks that are 10mm thick
  • Comes with an underlayment pad attached which eliminates an installation step…great for both pros and DIY
  • Uses the Express Clic drop and lock glueless installation system
  • 35 Year warranty


Authentic details capture the look of stately American hardwoods.

  • Wide planks that are 10mm thick
  • Comes with an underlayment pad attached for extra sound dampening
  • Uses the 5G locking system…one of the easiest installation systems around
  • The quality assurances of a 35 year warranty