American Concepts Laminate Approved for Wall Installations
Nov 04, 2016

The Laminate Value Proposition

The laminate flooring category still offers an excellent value proposition, with more ‘bang for the buck’ than many other flooring varieties. These points can be often overlooked by a consumer, but they add up to a very compelling story to tell.

Laminate’s realistic looks and textures are first and foremost when it comes to providing value for the consumer. The visuals that can truly enhance the feel of a space which is most likely the reason your customer is shopping for flooring to begin with! When it comes to scratch resistance, laminate is simply number one. Various wood and vinyl products cannot stack up to high performance laminate in wearability, UV resistance and density/stability. Laminate’s maintain their appearance for years! These floors require little to no maintenance outside of an occasional dust mop or vacuuming. It only requires basic skills to install laminate flooring. The edge glue method of old has given way to high tech 5G and angle drop systems that speed up and simplify installation. Additionally, it’s floating installation and high-density core means that subfloor preparation is a cinch! Minor subfloor defects will not ‘telegraph’ through to the surface and much less time is spent on site.

Tight budgets are definitely a challenge for most homeowners aiming to upgrade their homes. Laminate answers the bell again, delivering the visual and performance that consumers demand at a realistic price point. Retail salespeople hold tremendous sway in the consumer’s flooring purchase decision. With these points in mind, know that you can have confidence educating the consumer and closing sales with laminate flooring.

Laminate in Accent Walls

This versatile category has expanded it’s reach into vertical applications. For the same reasons as above, laminate flooring makes a big statement when installed on a wall (and at a price that agrees with many decorating budgets). Chic accent walls can make a space ‘pop’ by providing big-time visual interest. Just enough texture, color and pattern can create a beautiful focus point without overpowering a room.

American Concepts laminate carries a Class I fire rating, which allows it to be installed vertically in commercial applications. This Class I rating may also be requested for floor finish materials installed in corridors and exits of certain buildings, such as health care facilities. More great opportunities for laminate projects!

This gorgeous accent wall features a mixture of laminate SKUs including Berkeley Lane, Anderson Oak.

American Concepts Laminate Class I Fire Rating

View the testing documentation here:

ASTM E 648, Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source (Flooring Radiant Panel Test)